4 Quick And Easy Fixes For Static Hair

Amongst all of the wonders of winter, like beautiful snowflakes and fun snowball fights, there is something that we, ladies, have to deal with and it is static hair. Once the temperature drops and the air dries out, electrons start to fly off of our hair, leaving it vulnerable to static. But this season we got you covered. Check out these 4 easy ways to fix your naughty static hair.

Exchange your plastic hairbrush with a natural one

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Plastic brushes or combs can cause static electricity, which will only make your hair look worse. Try using metallic or wooden hair brushes. Be careful with metallic combs because although they are great for getting rid of static, they can also be harsh on your hair.

Moisturize your hair

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Your skin needs more moisture in winter, but don’t forget that your hair requires an extra boost of hydration too. Moreover, keeping your mane moisturized will help to fight frizz and static. Besides shampoo and conditioner, use a hair mask and hair oil but apply them mostly to your ends.

Experiment with different hairstyles

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A simple way to keep your hair free from static is to put it in a cute bun or braid it in into a fabulous hairdo. It’s not only stylish but it will also help your hair stay out of the way and prevent static. You can create different looks depending on your mood and make it as messy or as classy as you want.

Use your old t-shirt instead of a regular towel

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It is recommended to toss aside the towel you use on your body when it comes to drying your hair. Experts say that when hair gets wet, it is in its most fragile state. That is why you need to be gentle with it. Instead of rubbing, wrap and squeeze it. Your old cotton t-shirt would be best for this task.

So don’t give up on your hair and use these tips. Wearing a hat is not the only option anymore. Moreover, it can only make the static worse.

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4 Quick And Easy Fixes For Static Hair

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