3 Ways You Are Making Your Acne Worse Without Realizing It

You might have thought that you’d say goodbye to your acne once your teenage years were behind you but you should know that it can stick around for longer than you think. A lot of people suffer from adult acne and the number grows each year. Not many people know that their seemingly innocent actions can actually make their skin condition worse. These are 3 habits that are sabotaging your acne.

You don’t clean your phone screen

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Chances are you press your phone to your ear multiple times per day. What you might not know know is that your phone is the place where bacteria like to hang out. By pressing the phone screen to your face you are basically rubbing germs onto your skin. So don’t forget to clean the screen of your phone at least once a week.

You over-wash your skin

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It seems logical that washing your face will destroy bacteria and prevent the appearance of acne. But washing also removes essential oils that your skin needs and takes away all of the nutrients that help to stop breakouts from developing. By removing natural oils you make your skin produce them even more in order to recover itself.

You use too many products

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Using too many products at once can cause your skin to become extremely dehydrated. Most of the products specifically designed for acne can leave skin dry and flaky. You shouldn’t use them all at once. Moreover, they usually aren’t made to reach the deepest skin layers, where cystic acne appears.

Before making any drastic decisions, educate yourself on what may be the reason for your acne getting worse and consult with your dermatologist.

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3 Ways You Are Making Your Acne Worse Without Realizing It

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