Blue Matcha: The Latest Food Trend Instagram Is Crazy About

It takes a few Instagram posts for a thing or a product to go viral all over the internet. No sooner does it appear in the posts of a few famous bloggers than it becomes the talk of the town for a few weeks to come. However, all the hype over such things doesn’t have any reasonable background behind it.

Something similar happened with blue matcha that’s so popular on Instagram nowadays. People add this blue powder to their smoothies, teas, and oatmeals. And the mermaid color of the dishes is more than attractive.

The thing is that the new blue matcha has nothing in common with the green one but for the name. Both powders add some color to the food, but when it comes to blue matcha, it isn’t endowed even with a half of the nutrients green matcha is rich in.

My oatmeal-smoothie breakfast on this lovely Sunday morning: frozen banana?, oat flakes, coconut flakes?, almond milk and blue matcha powder?; topped with banana, raspberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, buckwheat and shredded coconut. ???. This was the first time I used blue matcha. Many of you know that I usually colour my food with fresh fruit or veggies (like beetroot) but there is no natural fruit or veg which gives your food a blue colour, so I was very happy when I won the 3-colour-bundle from @matcha.blue at @vegan.dy ‘s giveaway! ??? Thanks again!! ????.… . #oatmeal #oats #smoothiebowl #smoothie #superfoodsmoothie #superfoodbowl #superfoodbreakfast #healthybreakfast #frühstück #frühstücksliebe #breakfast #breakfastlovers #cleaneating #veganbreakfast #veganbowl #veganfoodlovers #veganfoodshare #veganfoodporn #bluematcha #ahealthynut #thrivemags #rawveganfood #rohvegan #rawtill4 #whatveganseat #comidavegana #beautifulcuisines #vegangermany #vegandeutschland #plantbaseddiet

Допис, поширений Elisa?Healthy Food & Lifestyle (@puranga_vegan)

While green matcha is known to be great for your metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar, heart and other aspects of our health, blue matcha is far from it. Primarily because of the plant it is made from. Butterfly pea plant, and its dried flowers, to be precise, is what blue matcha originates from.

It doesn’t have all the caffeine and antioxidants green matcha may boast about. However, blue matcha isn’t that useless after all. It is known to help people cope with stress and improve their memory.

And even these small benefits may serve as a reason to use blue matcha in your everyday recipes, and especially if you are an avid Instagrammer.

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Some of the products and items discussed in this article may cause an allergic reaction and damage your health. Before use, consult a certified technician/specialist. The editorial board is not responsible for any harm or other consequences that may be caused by the use of the methods, products or items described in this article.

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Blue Matcha: The Latest Food Trend Instagram Is Crazy About

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